About Friction Stir Welding Laboratory

The Friction Stir Welding Laboratory, led by Prof. Surjya K Pal at IIT Kharagpur, conducts research on welding process improvement, mechanical and metallurgical characterizations, Industry 4.0 implementation for real-time monitoring and control, and numerical modeling. Equipped with The laboratory houses several state-of-the-art facilities, including CNC and robotic FSW machines and sophisticated sensors, the lab offers experimental support to institutions in India and abroad regularly. It hosts a large number of interns from various institutions during summer and winter and maintains strong research collaborations with industries. The laboratory provides experimental support to many institutions in India and Aborad on a regular basis.

Whats New

Congrats !! Dr. Debasish Mishra on being appointed as assistant professor in Woxsen University.
Lab FSW congratulates and wishes continued success Dr. Omkar Mypati on getting Postdoctoral Fellowship offer from University of Nottingham.
Congratulations Dr. Raju Prasad Mahto for being appointed as assistant professor at NIT Surat.
Team FSW congratulatesDr. Debasish Mishra on getting Postdoctoral Fellowship offer from University of Connecticut. Our best wishes to him.

"...Enabling Friction Stir Welding scholars' dreams with a supportive environment. Embracing young minds, witnessing their dedication and fostering innovation through collaborative sessions..."

Surjya K Pal
Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya Chair Professor in Manufacturing